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Compact, lightweight and ultra-quiet, our handy portable range provides super-clean power in the remotest of locations. These highly portable and fuel efficient generators have acoustically insulated casings and also an advanced exhaust muffler system, to reduce operational noise to a comfortable level. Weight is kept to a minimum by using ultra-lightweight materials such as magnesium.

The unique Inverter technology found on our EU models produces the high quality output required by sensitive electronic equipment, such as computers, and reduces the risk of crashes or electrical damage. All our portable models also feature EcoThrottle TIM, which automatically adjusts the engine speed in line with the load being drawn, giving incredible fuel economy. Additionally, two of the same EX or EU models can be linked together using a parallel cable. This doubles the output over a single unit, meaning the range of uses can be extended even further.

Max output 3000W
Rated output 2600W
Fuel tank capacity 5.9L
Operating time at rated 3h 50min
Dimensions (mm) L 622 x W 379 x H 489
Dry weight 35.2kg
Sound power level 92dB(A)