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Honda 4-stroke hedgetrimmers are designed to make accurate trimming in gardens and parks easier. The ergonomic comfortable controls, adjustable handle, low vibration frame and easy start reliable 4-stroke engine, that's cleaner and more economical to maintain than a 2-stroke engine make Honda hedgetrimmers a cut above the rest.


Anti-vibration frame

When professional users are exposed to excessive vibration over long periods, they risk developing debilitating conditions like Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome (HAYS) or 'white finger'. At Honda, we've developed a unique anti-vibration clutch which uses high and low frequency vibration dampening mounts, to reduce vibration for a safer, more comfortable long-term use.

This system has been computer simulated and confirmed by practical testing.

Auto-sharpening blades

Anti-vibrating frame

Anti- snapping blade protector

25cc 4 stroke engine

75 cm length double blade

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