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HRE 370

HRE 370

The Honda Electric HR 370 is Ideal for small lawns

Some lawns may only be small, but we think they all deserve the best attention.

So, if you want to manage your lawn quickly and quietly and you need the lightest possible mower, then look no further than the HRE 370.

Cutter deck size (cm) 33
Engine / Electric motor Electric motor 1,100 W
Transmission type Push type
Dricing speed (meters per second) Push
Cutter deck type ABS
Positions and cuttins height adjustment 3 (25-55)
Grass bag capacity (litres) 27
Noise value - sound power level dB(A)* 90
Dimensions (L x W x H (mm)) 1,080 x 390 x 1,000
Dry weight (Kg) 12
Additional features -
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