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Designed for dealing with large volumes of water and moving it quickly, our general purpose and trash pumps are the professional choice. Robust and durable, thanks to a heavy-duty protective frame, they are powered by our commercial grade GX engine, renowned for its high performance and fuel efficiency.

The general-purpose WB range is built with an abrasion-resistant cast iron volute and impeller, providing extra durability for handling water containing a certain amount of silt and sand, such as on construction sites or in floodwater. Rubber engine mounts reduce mechanical stress through vibration.

Taking on the most demanding jobs, our range of trash pumps are designed to allow gravel and other suspended debris to flow through the pump without clogging or causing damage. Built around durability and wear resistance, they feature a silicon carbide seal and a unique conical cast iron impeller design which reduces wear. 45° inclined rubber mounts ensure minimal vibration at high engine rpm. Quick-release bolts on the removable inspection cover make maintenance and clearing debris quick and simple.

Max output capacity 160 litres/ minute
Inlet/ outlet diameter 50mm (2")
Total Head 32m
Suction Head 8m
Pressure 3.2 bar
Debris size capacity 6mm
Operating time 2hr 50 mins (approx)
Fuel tank capacity 1.9L
Dry weight 21kg
Dimensions (mm) L 455 x W 365 x H 420
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