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Lightweight portability and high pressure are the key attributes of the WX and WH range respectively. Despite their diminutive size they are all capable of an 8m suction head, generating impressive pressure and use tool-free, quick-release hose couplings.

Superbly portable, the WX models are particularly compact and lightweight for easy transfer to where ever they are needed. A unique 360° lubrication system allows the pump to carry on working at virtually any angle without spilling oil or affecting the pump's optimal lubrication, as well as ensuring trouble-free operation after storage or transportation.

A powerful GX160 engine, together with a strong cast iron impeller for high abrasion resistance, are at the heart of the WH range. Producing exceptionally high pressure and head lift, the self-priming pumps are ideal for sprinkling, jetting, long-hose irrigation or fire fighting applications.

Max output capacity 140 litres/ minute
Inlet/ outlet diameter 25mm (1")
Total Head 36m
Suction Head 8m
Pressure 3.6 bar
Debris size capacity 5.7mm
Operating time 1hr 20 mins (approx)
Fuel tank capacity 0.55L
Dry weight 6.1kg
Dimensions (mm) L 325 x W 220 x H 300
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