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New easy fit dual wheel system for ATVs

New easy fit dual wheel system for ATVs

Fieldens based at One House on the outskirts of Stowmarket have announced an easy-fit kit to add dual wheels to Honda and other brands of quadtrac machines.

Fieldens, established in 1979 have developed a reputation as suppliers of replacement and specialist wheels and tyres, excelling in sourcing those hard to find sizes. Fieldens are also Honda dealers with an enviable reputation in both the immediate area and throughout the UK. In recent months the company has received requests for tyres providing greater flotation on their Honda Quad Bikes.

Company MD Neil Rosethal explains. "In very wet conditions standard tyres can cause ruts which is undesirable. We had two possible courses of action; fit wider wheels and tyres or dual the existing wheels and tyres. Single wide wheels and tyres are the expensive option, our kit provides better value for money and is more flexible."

Fieldens' kit consists of several components: a second wheel and tyre assembly, a spacer and fixing kit that attaches the spacer and second wheel to the existing wheel. The only tools required are a small jack and spanners (once the adapter ring is fitted the second wheel is fitted using a standard wheel brace.) The kit costs £450 per pair with new tyres  and is suitable for all leading brands on quad bikes and UTVs .

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