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Michelin Cargo XBIB Heavy Duty Tyre Announcement

Michelin Cargo XBIB Heavy Duty Tyre Announcement

Without a doubt, one of the key benefits of the new Michelin Cargo HD is their ability to not get bogged down! There has been a huge amount of techncial design put into the tread pattern; innovative diagonal channels efficiently squeeze mud away from the centre of the tyre before ultra wide shoulder channels disperse it away at low speeds. At higher speeds and therefore with the aid of centrifugal force, longitudinal channels fling mud away with ease.

In addition, ingenious break points in the tread base actually prevent mud from sticking in the tread in the first place.

How does it feel to use? Testing with customers across a very wide range of real world applications reveal the Cargo HD to benefit from increased manoeuvrability, increased stability (especially during load dumping), and those massively rounded tyre shoulders reduce tyre wear rates dramatically.

Sounds expensive? Michelin have positioned the Cargo HD well within the realms of standard tyre pricing and not in the "designer tyres" bracket. What's not to love?

Technical documents:

Cargo HD: 560/45 R22.5         Cargo HD: 560/60 R22.5

If you wish to discuss your specific requirements with a member of our technical team, please do contact us on 01449 675071, or email them

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