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Neil Rosenthal

Managing Director

I started playing with tyres and wheels whilst still at school in Liverpool to earn some extra money. In holidays I helped my cousin recondition truck wheels and unload full containers of tractor front wheels in his yard in Bootle. In the 1980s I studied Dentistry at Liverpool University but after completing the course I decided it wasn't for me.

After helping with my cousins business again, I moved to Kirkby Tyres Ltd and set up a Wheel and Original Equipment division. I left Kirkby Tyres to set up my own tyre and wheel business to concentrate on bespoke tyre and wheel assemblies. I met and married Ruth in 1993 and we moved to London.

In 2002 I bought the assets of Fieldens PLC and incorporated Fieldens Wheels, Tyres and ATVs Ltd bringing in my own customers and settling down to work nearer to home.

In 2004 Specialised Wheel Services Ltd (SWS) in Methwold, Norfolk was brought into the business group. Even now, my favourite part of the business is designing engineering solutions to special wheel and tyre requirements. Interests outside work include my family, travel, football and classic vehicles.

Neil Rosenthal

Contact Details

Tel: 01449 675071

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