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Bead Cheetah

For tyre shops and workshops that change large diameter, tubeless tyres such as those used in agriculture and civil engineering the Bead Cheetah from Fieldens is an important piece of kit.

Ask yourself: How many times has the air reservoir emptied before the tyre bead has seated on the wheel rim? Unfortunately, it’s not an unusual problem, especially if the tyre has been in storage for a while and perhaps even distorted slightly.

Fieldens’ Bead Cheetah is available in two sizes: 22 Litre with a steel reservoir and 37 litre with an aluminium reservoir. The tank is simply filled from a compressor. With the tyre in place on the rim and the airline connected to the tyre valve in the normal way, the Bead Cheetah nozzle is inserted under the rim edge. Once in place, the compressed air is released by simply turning a valve. The reservoir empties quickly, inserting a high volume of air into the tyre, causing the tyre bead to marry up to the wheel rim. A Bullhorn extension is also available to efficiently seat very large diameter tractor and flotation tyres.

The Bead Cheetah is particularly useful to mobile tyre fitters where the capacity of a vehicle mounted compressor and reservoir may be limited.

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