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Flotation Tyres

It is a long acknowledged fact that flotation tyres are an excellent investment and should be fitted to every piece of agricultural machinery from tractors through implements to combine and forage harvesters to the humble trailer.

Wide tyres spread the load preventing soil compaction. That is not the only advantage as rutting increases rolling resistance, adding to the power required to simply move across the field which in turn adds to fuel costs and reduces profits. Ruts also physically damage the soil and plant structures while making any future treatments of the crop a truly bumpy operation adding unnecessarily to operator fatigue and machine stress.

Fieldens can supply a full range of flotation tyres for all types of agricultural machinery. Our staff have the knowledge to advise on which brands fit which machines best; remember, while indicated tyre sizes may be the same their actual dimensions may vary slightly, just enough to miss mudguards, steps etc on different machines. Regardless of the type of machine you are fitting with wide tyres Fieldens can supply the wheels as well, delivering them with the tyres fitted if required.

Popular combinations

Tractor Front Tractor Rear
520/60 R Xeobib 900/50 R 42
710/55 R 30 650/60 R 38 Xeobib
540/65 R 30 710/70 R 38
600/65 R 28 1050/50 R 32
54/31.00-26 900/55 R 32
700/R 26.5 800/65 R 32
48/25-20 66/43-25
JCB Fastrac Front JCB Fastrac Rear
700/50 R 26.5 700/50 R 26.5
800/45 R26.5 800/45 R26.5
900/50 R 32 550/60-22.5
800/65 R 32 600/55-26.5
750/65 R 26 560/45-22.5
550/45-22.5 500/60-22.5
550/60-22.5 560/60 R 22.5
560/45 R 22.5 500/50-17
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