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Golf, Turf & Amenity

From the fragile surface of a championship golf course to the hostile surroundings of an inner-city roadside, finding the right tyre for the job can sometimes be difficult.

No sports field groundsman or golf course keeper wants to see ruts across the sward, nor do they want to see huge bills for remedial works. One way of avoiding these is to use large machines on low ground pressure turf tyres. Unfortunately travelling on the road at speed with tyres at low pressures can be damaging to the tyre or make controlling the vehicle difficult. It’s also, in all probability illegal. 

This is the type of problem that Fieldens have become experts in solving. We can provide many turf tread/design options and recommend the best tyre for a given situation. Fieldens are the UK specialist in soft and industrial turf conversions supplying tyre and wheel assemblies to most tractor manufacturers and many dealers.

Popular combinations

Tractors Compact Tractors
Front Rear Front Rear
500/60-22.5 23.1-26 270/8.5-15 475/65R 20
44/18-20 18.4-26 23/8.5-12 29/12.0-15
136.R 24 16.9R 34    
480/65R 28 600/65R 38 Municipal Mowers
22.5-16.1 54/31.00-26 500/60-22.5 500/60-22.5
500/60R 22.5 700/50R 30.5 44/18.00-20 44/18.00-20
33/15.50-16.5 17.5R 24 13.6R 24 13.6R 24
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