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Michelin Cargo XBIB Heavy Duty

New MICHELIN CARGOXBIB HEAVY DUTY line in 22.5" for trailers and high-density round-balers. The line is available in 3 sizes and completes the MICHELIN CARGOXBIB HIGH FLOTATION range for heavy trailers and large manure tankers.

Benefitting from extremely well designed mud removal channels for much improved self cleaning. Diagonal mud removal channels remove mud at low speeds whilst longitudinal mud removal channels combine with the centrifugal effect to remove mud at high speeds.

Broad shoulder openings make it easier to get mud out of the shoulder area. Multi-faceted tread blocks featuring sharp angles keep mud from sticking, whilst clever breaks at the tread pattern base keep mud from sticking to the base of the tread pattern

Cargo HD: 560/45 R22.5         Cargo HD: 560/60 R22.5
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