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Narrow & Rowcrop tyres

Rowcrop tyres are being fitted to a growing number and type of agricultural machines. The loads they are required to carry are increasing and as a result their tyres should not only be narrow enough to fit crop rows without damaging plants but also of large enough diameter to provide adequate crop clearance.

At the same time they should provide a long, large footprint; the larger the footprint the lower the ground pressure and the resulting soil compaction.

The ruts caused by tramline operations can also result in problems during harvesting and slow up later cultivations. Rowcrop tyres need to be flexible enough to give the operator a comfortable ride yet stable when used at higher speeds on the road between fields.

Large diameter narrow tyres require specialist wheels, particularly if they are fitted to tractors and machines carrying heavy loads. The forces exerted, even when working across the mildest of slope can be quite considerable. Substandard wheels may crack which at worst is dangerous and at best may result tyre damage.

At Fieldens we have a choice of tyre brands and wheels to meet your budget and specific requirements, be it narrow tyres for standard operations or for specialised equipment working under unusual conditions.

Wheels, both heavy and light duty, can be supplied with fixed, fully welded or adjustable centres, set to the required track settings and sprayed to match any machine. Fieldens takes great care to advise then match the correct assembly to the customers requirement.


Popular combinations

Front Rear
320/85R 38 320/95R 54
11.2R 36 13.6R 48
14.9R 30 14.9R 46
11.2R 32 12.4R 46
11.2R 38 12.4R 52
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