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Remould truck tyres are a popular fitment to most agricultural trailers. They provide  casing strength, speed and wear properties essential for modern agricultural transport. Fieldens is the largest UK supplier of truck remoulds for agricultural use; fitting up to 10,000 385/65R 22.5 units per year. Ferndale Agrimaster remoulds can be supplied in several different tread designs & compounds. Remoulds of any size can also be designed for very specific applications.

Popular Remoulds
385/65R 22.5
425/65R 22.5
445/65R 22.5
435/50R 19.5
215/75R 17.5
305/70R 19.5

Traction tyres can be remoulded for turf, and industrial tyres for rail use/steel works. The Roadrailer remould was designed specifically for trailers working on railtracks.

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