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Schaad Dual Wheels

Adding traction and reducing ground pressures are just two of the reasons for using dual wheels but  even these alone can help increase yields and ultimately the bottom line.

Suitable for tractors up to 200hp, the MD-Plus system from Fieldens consists of special rims which butt up to the existing rim. This system differs from many other systems by virtue of the clamping position on the outer wheel: other makes require a long anchor rod so when the tractor changes direction there is excessive movement between the two wheels, causing wear to both rims. With the MD-Plus system the anchor rod is much shorter, greatly reducing the movement and as a result wear on the rims is negligible.

If the tyres are being fitted for purely flotation purposes part worn tyres may be used reducing the overall cost of installation.

Second-Hand Dual Wheels

We also offer a range of second-hand dual wheels subject to availability.

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