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Special Application

On any wheeled machine, wheels and tyres are the last ‘cog’ in the transmission - the efficiency of the whole machine hangs on their performance.

However, for many specialised machines the choice of tyres is usually something of a compromise, diminishing the machine’s performance. It is in these difficult situations that the cheapest wheel and tyre combination is often chosen, a decision which is usually the least economical.

At Fieldens we have access to a wide range of tyres from many specialist manufacturers including some that are not even currently in production. One example of this is our road-rail remould tyre for use on civil engineering machinery.

Fieldens also supplies flotation tyres to mobile conveyer-belt operator assemblies in Africa, to special projects and to stunt organisers working in television and big-budget films. Fieldens recently sponsored Terry Stimpson’s “Extreme Machines” as seen on Top Gear.

Whatever your requirements, whatever the machine, whatever the application Fieldens will be able to source the correct tyre for a reliable and cost-effective operation.

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