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Take-Off Tractor Wheels & Tyres

If all you need is a sensibly priced replacement tyre we can provide that too - delivered direct or to you or to a designated fitter. Our range includes both new tyres and what the tyre trade calls 'take-offs'. Mostly unused, these are standard tyres that arrive with the new vehicle. When these tyres are unsuitable for the customer’s use we, or sometimes the manufacturer, may change them for something more suitable. Often premium brand tyres such as Michelin, Pirelli and Goodyear are then available for immediate resale.

Tractor Front Tractor Rear
16.5/70-18 900/50 R 42
1300/530-533 (BN3) 650/60 R 38 Xeobib
540/65 R 30 710/70 R 38
600/65 R 28 1050/50 R 32
54/31.00-26 900/55 R 32

Used Wheels & Tyres

Fieldens also has stocks of good used tyre and wheel equipment including dual wheels with tyres and many unusual hard-to get agricultural sizes from 30% - 95% tread remaining.

Russian Wheels & Tyres

Fieldens hold stock of the following popular but difficult to source, hard wearing Russian sizes with wheels.

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