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Without the correct wheel, tyres cannot function. As a leading supplier of many different kinds of tyre for all manner of use, Fieldens has developed a wheel manufacturing and distribution division.

When supplying a set of specialist tyres for a particular machine we often find the standard wheel is not suitable. By changing the width and design of tyres the positioning of the wheel changes relative to the axle hub. Offset and thickness of the centre, rim profile, reinforcing and valve guards all have to be considered.

To produce the correct wheel we are able to ‘mix and match’ rim and disc components or manufacture special, bespoke centres in our state of the art machining workshop. We can even finish them to your vehicle or livery requirements in our paint shop.

Fieldens offers wheels from a choice of manufacturer depending on application. GKN Nagbol premium brand wheels are supplied for demanding high horse-power tractors, sprayers and implements.

Fieldens is also the major UK supplier for the comprehensive range of Jantsa wheels. Jantsa is the largest wheel manufacturer in Turkey with three factories near Izmir. Fieldens stocks Jantsa’s commercial truck/trailer, implement, industrial, earthmover wheels and components. The rim range extends from 14” to 42” and disc thickness from 3.5mm - 15mm. High speed commercial wheels are adapted for modern agricultural applications. All products are manufactured to DIN, ETRTO and ISO9002 standards. Jantsa works closely with Fieldens to offer a versatile short batch-production run facility for highly specialised rims and centres.

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